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Feeling lost, confused, and unsure of what to do next?

Unsure and fearful for your financial future?

Overwhelmed by the new responsibilities you just inherited?

Not sure about who can help you?

We Can Help....
For A Consultation
Call Melissa Brennan at 214-558-0228

The loss of a loved one, especially as spouse, changes your whole life.  ARS Private Wealth is committed to making sure that every recently widowed person can access the help, assistance, and answers they need.  Through "The Power of Partnership", ARS Private Wealth acts as a guide and consultant walking survivors through the complex tasks that follow a death in the family. You are not alone!

We include in our partnership your estate planning attorney or CPA.  If you do not have a working relationship with an attorney or a CPA, we can help connect you to the right professional.  We have cultivated those professional relationships and can refer you to someone we think you will like and whom we trust.

As fiduciaries, everything ARS Private Wealth does is for your benefit.  Your interests always come first.  We value long-term client relationships, and we take the long view on the services and advice we provide.

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